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ECBlend - Certification, FDA cGMP, Better Business Bureau, OSHA, Environment



ECBlend - Certification, FDA cGMP, Better Business Bureau, OSHA, Environment


ECBlend Aemsa Certified MemberECBlend Thumbs Up Aemsa CertificationJuly 2013 ECBlend is pleased to announce its successful certification by the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (

May 2016 ECBlend is pleased to announce we have successfully passed our 3rd year and a third-party independent audit by AEMSA.

ECBlend's certification by AEMSA will give customers added confidence that our products are verifiably manufactured in a clean, sanitary, and safe environment.  And that ECBlend uses  ingredients that meet or exceed the standards set by an association of our peers in the pursuit of verifiable Quality, Safety and Accuracy.  

The E-Liquid industry is growing, and ECBlend leadership is required to take this certification program to the next level. Focus, commitment, and an understanding of the industry are imperative.  ECBlend includes certification as a component of our business package; our belief in the importance and benefits of certification are evident. Our Certification by Aemsa is a natural fit for ECBlend, and we are confident that we are continuing to fulfill our commitment to our customers and our responsibilities to the industry and consumers.


ECBlend under MicroscopeAEMSA and Transparency:  It is not good enough to just "PASS" the Certification.  Aemsa Certified Members must maintain their certification status:  Aemsa guidelines include the requirement that all Certified Members maintain transparency in its processes.  Aemsa Certified Members agree to surprise inspections at any time of its facilities, processes & procedures, and its products.  


AEMSA Standards Purpose [ Purpose]

"The purpose of these Standards is to create a responsible and sustainable practices and process for the safe manufacturing of e-liquids used in electronic cigarettes. "

"One of AEMSA’s primary goals is to provide consumers with higher degrees of confidence our  members’ products are manufactured with professionalism, accuracy and safety."



ECBlend, Aemsa and the FDA


May 2016


Read more about this at ECBLEND-FDA REGISTRATION








ECBlend and the Better Business Bureau

ECBlend Flavors announces its commitment to marketplace ethics by earning Accreditation with Better Business Bureau.  As a BBB Accredited Business, ECBlend has met BBB's Code of Business Practices and has agreed to maintain honest and reliable business practices.

BBB's Accreditation Program recognizes dependable businesses that are making the public pledge to: Be transparent, be responsive to customers, advertise honestly, honor promises, and act with intregrity.

ECBlend's Accreditation includes our local stores as well as our online services.


ECBlend, OSHA and Employee Safety -  ECBlend has invited OSHA to our facilities twice.  This Aemsa Certification is yet another milestone for ECBlend Flavors and in conjunction, we value the safety of our employees and the contributions of OSHA regulations to their well-being.

 Employing over 90 employees in our manufacturing facility in Medford, Oregon, USA, ECBlend strongly believes the safety of our Employees is paramount. ECBlend products will not be produced in an unsafe environment for our employees.

ECBlend complies with OSHA including maintaining a management OSHA rep and employee OSHA reps and the appropriate committee.  ECBlend Employee OSHA reps are empowered to ensure the safety of our staff.


ECBlend - Nicotine and the Environment - ECBlend has taken steps to ENSURE the safety of our environment and the proper disposal of nicotine waste.  We have worked with City of Medford Public Works - RWRF to ensure we are following all proper disposal regulations, rules, and requests by them.  


ECBlend and FDA cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) in Manufacturing, Packaging, and Labeling of E-Liquid Products

ECBlend and the FDAUpdate 4/22/2015:  UPDATES:  4/22/2015:  FDA Deeming Regulations are in progress.  Please see for more information on the current status of FDA regulation.



  1. As of 4/22/2015:  E-Liquid with nicotine is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  From FDA.Gov "Currently FDA regulates cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, roll-your-own tobacco and smokeless tobacco. Proposed newly “deemed” products would include electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, certain dissolvables that are not “smokeless tobacco,” gels, and waterpipe tobacco.

    Once the proposed rule becomes final, FDA will be able to use powerful regulatory tools, such as age restrictions and rigorous scientific review of new tobacco products and claims to reduce tobacco-related disease and death."

  2. the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated e-liquid with nicotine to be less harmful or safe.  From "Once the proposed rule becomes final, FDA will be able to use powerful regulatory tools, such as age restrictions and rigorous scientific review of new tobacco products and claims to reduce tobacco-related disease and death."


ECBlend Processes and Improvements

ECBlend is a leader in its industry with continuous and sustainable growth.  Our management team has achieved this by reviewing our processes, then implementing improvements and revisions on a continuing basis.  We continually evaluate modern processes and equipment, we actively seek outside expertise when needed and we seek to join, collaborate and work with our industry associations and support groups.  


ECBlend strives to provide the best products at reasonable prices for its customers.   ECBlend is .. Something Better

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