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 USPS shows DELIVERED but ...


USPS shows my package as DELIVERED, but I have not received it


DELIVERY CONFIRMATION is not true tracking: Your order was shipped via USPS Mail with Delivery Confirmation, NOT Tracking, which means that unless the package is scanned at delivery stops along the way to its destination, there will often be no update on the status until the package is physically delivered to you.  Most often, Delivery Confirmation only updates when the package is delivered, simply as proof of delivery, so it's just a matter of being a little patient until your order arrives.
Please remember that if your package is lost or misdelivered, USPS (US Postal Service) lost the package, not ECBlend.  We desire all packages to arrive timely and in good condition to our customers.  Once we hand it off to the Post Office, we have no control over the package and no control over USPS.

USPS insurance is offered during checkout.  This is a service of the Post Office and not ECBlend.  If your package is lost, paid insurance is required to file a successful claim with the Post Office.


CHECK YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS on your account and invoice

  • Start by logging into your ECBlend account and check the address you put in for your SHIPPING ADDRESS on both your account and the invoice for the lost package.  The address you put in is transferred directly to the postage label.  We do not manually type it.


  • Check outside each door of your home. The carrier may have left it at a place other than the front door.
  • Check around the outside of the house. E-Liquid packages are very light and the wind may have blown it around.
  • Check inside your house mailbox if you have one.


  • Check with others living in the home with you. They may have received the package and put it in a safe place.
  • Check with your neighbors. The USPS may have delivered it to a neighbor in error.


  • Check with your postal carrier as soon as possible. They may remember your package.
  • Check with your local post office. It may be there for a good reason. (Too big to fit in mailbox, signature required if you requested it, etc.).


  • USPS Track and Confirm Customer Service Number: 1-800-222-1811.  If five (5) or more postal business days have  passed since the date of mailing and the item  has not arrived, you may call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) to request documentation of your issue.
  • More information on USPS Customer Service:


  • If you paid for additional insurance during checkout, send an email to and we will assist you by filing a claim.  We are required to wait 30 days before filing a claim on lost packages.  
  • If you did not pay for additional insurance but paid for Domestic Priority Mail, the USPS now provides insurance up to a certain amount included in the cost of Priority Mail, please go to this link ( ) to file a claim with USPS. 
  • If you are a wholesale customer, and your shipment has been shipped by UPS, FedEx or Domestic Ground Carrier, call our Customer Service or your wholesale account rep to assist.

 If you have any additional question please submit a Help Desk Ticket.  ( )

Please remember that if your package is lost or misdelivered, USPS (US Postal Service) lost the package, not ECBlend.








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