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Sweetener Options

ECBlend Sweetener Options explained 
There are 4 levels to our Sweetener Option:
Note: 'No Option' for 'Add Sweetener': means there is sweetener already in the recipe. 
'Add' Sweetener means there is no sweetener in the recipe. (i.e. coffees).  Choose this to Add Sweetener.  (The amount of sweetener added depends on the recipe.)
'Enhanced' Sweetener means we add 1.5x the amount based on the recipe.  Choose this if you like nice sweet juice that is not overly sweet.
'Double' Sweetener means we add 2x the amount based on the recipe.  Choose this if you like your juices extra sweet.

ECBlend E-Liquid Sweetener
For those who like to control your own sweetness:
 ECBlend Sweetener available  under Supplies:


Product Description

ECBlend Sweetener (PG Base)

ECBlend Sweetener

Now you can add the sweetener you desire, you control the amount!  (Note: Unless otherwise noted, e-liquid discounts do not apply to this product)

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Add one drop per 5ml e-liquid. Adjust for taste.

ECBlend Sweetener is 100% water-soluable and contains: Propylene Glycol (PG) and Flavor Enhancers.

WARNINGS:  DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO Propylene Glycol (PG).  (Use ECBlend Sweetener (VG Base) instead)

This is a sweetener additive, it is not e-liquid: DO NOT VAPE or PUT DIRECTLY IN YOUR DEVICE.



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