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 Bottle Sizes and Fill Lines


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E-liquid bottles hold a higher ML capacity than the e-liquid ordered. 

This is an intentional design to allow additional room in the bottle for optimal mixing and shaking.

ECBlend Flavors E-Liquid





ECBlend ELiquid Bottle Fill Lines Notice


Our 5ml e-liquid comes in a bottle with 8ml capacity

ECBlend Flavors 5ml Control Lines



 Our 10ml e-liquid comes in a bottle with 12ml capacity

ECBlend Flavors 10ml Control Lines



Our 15ml e-liquid comes in a bottle with 17ml capacity 

ECBlend Flavors 15ml Control Lines



 Our 20ml e-liquid comes in a FROSTED GLASS bottle with 24-25ml capacity

NOTE:  Frosted Glass Bottles are filled by VOLUME of 20ml instead of fill lines

due to manufacturer variances in the frosted bottles.  Some bottles may appear fuller than others due to this.  

ECBlend Flavors 20ml Frosted Glass Control Lines



 Our 30ml e-liquid comes in a bottle with 36ml capacity

 ECBlend Flavors 30ml Control Lines




Our 50ml e-liquid comes in a 55ml capacity bottle

 ECBlend Flavors 50ml Control Lines




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