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Bottle Labelling and Abbreviations


Bottle Labels


[Click here for More about Bottle ID's and flavor shots]

Standard Ingredients on ECBlend bottles are pre-printed on the label and include ingredients that are contained in e-liquid:
(Ingredients will say 'Nicotine' but an order of zero nicotine will not have any in it: See Below for more on that)
Flavoring: ECBlend uses both natural and artificial flavoring in our e-liquids. The 'standard labelling' includes that statement.  If you order All-Natural, the flavoring will be all-natural.
Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG):  The same statement applies to these. Although the 'fixed' label includes these, the exact content is located at the bottom of the label in the 'custom' details section (See Below).  A bottle that is ordered as 100% VG will not contain any PG even though the 'fixed' label lists it.  The detail section will say 0%PG/100%VG

     as each bottle is custom made to your specifications at the time of order, the Content Details are along the bottom of every bottle:
  • Beginning with the bottle size:  5mL, 15mL, 30mL, 50mL, 125mL, and so on
  • Next is the nicotine content.  All ingredients say 'Nicotine;, but if you look along the bottom you will see the exact amount of nicotine in the bottle..  If your bottle does not contain nicotine, the label will read '0 nic'. 
  • Base Mix:  A 50/50 (pg/vg) mix will be written as 50% PG / 50% VG   ----  a 100% VG mix will be written as 0%PG 100%VG (0 PG is in the base mix)
  • Control batch ID
  • Creation date of the e-liquid

Additional: Natural flavoring products Indicicates 'Using All-Natural Flavoring'  (which it does!)

Finally, specific options, such as Menthol, Cool Hit® and Extra Flavor, Sweetener, DragonCream, information is provided under the product name.

Bottle Abbreviations

Small bottle label sizes force us to use abbreviations on our bottles for some of our options.  

Create Your Own and Coffee Your Way e-Liquids allow you to name your own creation.  That name is transferred to your bottle label.




 Create Your Own

 PG  Propylene Glycol
 VG  Vegetable Glycerin
 MG  Milligram
 ML  Milliliter
 Nic  Nicotine
 CYW  Coffee Your Way
 Tb  Tobacco

 New Version

 Sour  Sour
 M  Menthol
 CH  Cool Hit
 XF  Extra Flavor
 DXF  Double Extra Flavor
 xC  Extra Caramel
 xT  Extra Tobacco
 xV  Extra Vanilla
Sw  /   eSw  /   dSw  Sweetener   /    Sweetener-Enhanced    /   Double Sweetener
 Dragon Cream / xDragon Cream  Added ECBlend Dragon Cream or Extra Dragon Cream


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