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 Polycarbonate Tank Warnings



Use polycarbonate plastic devices at your own risk

NOTE: If your tank becomes cloudy or begins to crack, discontinue use of the tank.  This usually indicates the plastic is polycarbonate.
As tanks are becoming more popular and convenient to use compared to regular cartomizers/cartridges and are being imported with polycarbonate plastic tanks, there are some e-liquid flavors that can cause a tank to crack.
Specifically reported: Hot ('red hot' flavored) cinnamon, acidic flavors such as pineapple, lemon, etc., strong mints, sodas, and sour e-liquids. It has been very rare for this to occur with ECBlend E-Liquids, but this is occuring more frequently in the industry as manufacturers are trying to cut costs and use inferior plastics.
We recommend using metal, pyrex (glass), or polypropylene tanks.
ECBlend is not responsible for any damage to your clearomizers, tanks or devices.

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