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FDA FACILITIES5/26/2016  FDA and ECBlend - Registration for our manufacturing facilities and products

We want you to know that you can continue to order with confidence in the knowledge that we are getting involved, collaborating with experts in the industry, and have the necessary plans in place to enable us to continue to provide you with the exceptional products and services that you have come to expect.






Nicotine and Battery Warnings Posters



5/20/2016:  RESELLERS ONLY - New battery and nicotine warnings posters for ECBlend and Private Label.   ©2016 ECBlend Flavors (Posters may not be reproduced without permission of ECBlend Flavors)


RESELLERS:  Login to your account at to view full versions (Category Advertising Materials)

E-Liquid warnings include

  • Over 18 (or legal age in your area)
  • New FDA required language for nicotine
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Do not drink or swallow
  • California Prop 65 warning
  • Nicotine Side Effects
  • Drug interactions
  • Irritant and allergic reactions

Battery warnings include

  • Charging Safety
  • Never modify
  • Use only with compatible parts
  • Disposal
  • More






E-Liquid Flavor  

Dragon's Egg E-Liquid by ECBlend - Rich Buttered Rum Apple Pie and Dragon Cream

5/20/2016:  Dragon's Egg™ - Rich Buttered Rum sauce drizzled over our uber delicious Apple Pie and finishing with our world famous Dragon Cream.  

Discover the many tastes and secrets of this blend!  







4/18/2016: Beer Wizard by ECBlend -  One of the most requested flavors is now here as an ECBlend Wizard!  Craft Your Own Beer -  with COLD and ICE COLD options and over 50 Flavor Shots, you can truly make it to YOUR taste!

ECBlend's BEER Wizard -  Smooth and Mild, not too heavy - start with our mild stout beer flavor and Create Your Own with flavor shots.  

The union of flavor forges a wholly original taste sensation... from berries, coffee, chocolate, vanillas and more to Make it Your Own Favorite Beer!  Not overpowering like some microbrews, ECBlend's Beer E-Liquid is a tantalizing hint of sweetness with a refreshing aftertaste.  

Make it COLD with Cool Hit® or Make it ICE COLD with Cold Fusion (3x Cool Hit®).  

Flavor Shot IDEAS:  Classic Lime, Classic Strawberry, Honey & Vanilla, Green Tea, Mixed berries, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, mango and lemon-lime, coffee, chocolate and more!

Your Flavor Shots -  Your Choice!   Enjoy.   

Creating can be fun!  Explore our Flavor Shots for more ideas!  


Apple Beer - Red, Green and Fuji to select from  

Berry Beers - Add strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, mixed berries, or any berry or a combination of berries (always good)  

Banana & other fruits Beer - Popular Banana, Peach, Cherry, Coconut, Pineapple, Apricot (too many to list)   

Almond Nut Beer - Add Almonds  

Black Velvet - Add Champagne  

Boilermaker - Add a shot of Whiskey  

Brass Monkey - Add Orange Juice  

Dog's Nose - Add Gin  

Hot Doctor - Add Amaretto and The Doctor  

Irish Car Bomb - Add Irish Cream and Whiskey  

Explore our Flavor Shots for more ideas!  


4/15/2016:   Kahlua Wizard renamed to Coffee Liqueur Wizard  (Resellers: Kahlua and Irish Cream renamed to Coffee Liqueur and Irish Cream)   A trademark search shows Kahlua to be a ® of The Absolut Co.  We have renamed this product so as not to infringe on Absolut's brand or trademark. ECBlend has no affiliation with Kahlua® or The Absolut Co.  






Rebuildable Accessory - Youde - Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire

Rebuildable Accessory - Youde - Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire


Each spool contains 30 feet of Kanthal A1 wire, except for the 20G and 22G which is 15 feet of Kanthal A1 wire.

Roll a perfect size coil everytime using the Micro Coil Jig 

These Products are for Advanced Users Only - There is no support on Rebuildables  

PRICING VARIES DEPENDING ON GAUGE.  Select gauge to see pricing.


Youde - Ni200 Pure Nickel - 30 Foot Spools

Rebuildable Accessory - Youde - Ni200 Pure Nickel - 30 Foot Spools


Each spool contains 30 feet of Ni200 Pure Nickel Wire.   

NOTE: This product will only work with temperature control (TC) devices such as:   Koopor Mini 60W TCIPV4SDovpo Punisher 80W, and CMK Kit.
Note:  ALWAYS test new coils on an ohm meter before using. 
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ECBlend Cinnamon Danish Apple Pie E-Liquid



Cinnamon Danish Apple Pie - eLiquid Flavor 

4/15/2016  Delicious blend of butterscotch, danish apple pie & light cinnamon.  All sitting in a natural buttery flavored pie crust that tastes like Grandmas!  

replacement coils - Nichrome

Clearomizer Replacement Head - Kanger - Nichrome OCC - 5 Pack


The same great subtank coils, now housed inside a smaller casing! With the exact same performance as the original OCC coils, these new coils are even compatible with more of Kanger's products.  

These replacement coils feature pure organic Japanese cotton wicks.  These 0.5 ohm coils are made from Nichrome and will have a slightly quicker ramp up time when compared to Kanthal A1 so less power is required.  

For full features and pricing, click the green button below

IPV5 - Personal Vaporizer

Clearomizer Replacement Head -  Kanger - Ni200 OCC Coils - 5 Pack


The same great subtank coils, now housed inside a compact casing!  With the awesome performance as the original OCC coils, these new coils are even compatible with more of Kanger's products.  

These replacement coils feature pure organic Japanese cotton wicks.  These 0.15 ohm coils are made from pure Nickel (Ni200) wire, making it possible to monitor and limit the temperature the coils reach.

For full features and pricing, click the green button below

IPV5 - Personal Vaporizer

ECBlend - TBF Vapor Ring


Protect your pyrex tanks from breaking and avoid the liquidy mess of broken vape glass in style.  Are you tired of breaking your vape tanks?  Are you prone to clumsy accidents?  Vape Rings are protective rubber bands that go around your tank, absorb impact, and protect your tank from damage.  Available in a variety of colors and designs.

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IPV5 - Personal Vaporizer

Clearomizer - Tobeco - Super Tank Mini - Authentic


The Super Tank Mini is constructed from Pyrex glass and holds up to 4mL's of ELiquid.  Constructed of high quality stainless steel and aluminum with a Pyrex glass tank. 

A friction fit drip tip with a Delrin insulator base helps prevent heat transferring from the top cap to the drip tip. The Super Tank Mini is one of the newest authentic tanks on the market from Tobeco. 

Fully adjustable airflow control with 2 different airflow options.  A new feature that is become more common is an easy to use top fill system with a large hole making it easy to refill no matter the type of bottle being used.

For full features and pricing, click the green button below

IPV5 - Personal Vaporizer

Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Pioneer4You - IPV5 - 200W Box Mod


The IPV5 200W TC Box Mod by Pioneer4You is the newest and latest from the IPV series, capable of delivering an impressive 200W of power as well as being able to support TC mode with the inclusion of the latest Yihi SX330-200 chip!

A removable magnetic battery door provides easy access to the IPV5's dual 18650 compartment for simple battery swaps.

For full features and pricing, click the green button below

A little humor for your Friday... Everyone have a great weekend!

Vape Meme -ECBlend

Almond Vanilla Tobacco - eLiquid Flavor

Thursday, March 10, 2016 8:10 AM
Almond Vanilla Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor by ECBlend

Battery - ECBlend - 3000mAh LG HG2 - 20A

Thursday, February 11, 2016 6:43 AM
Authentic LG HG2 Batteries at ECBlend Flavors

Battery - ECBlend - 2500mAh Samsung 25R - 20A

Thursday, February 11, 2016 6:18 AM
Authentic Samsung 25R at ECBlend Flavors
Kanger Clapton Coils at ECBlend Flavors
Wednesday, February 10, 2016 8:34 AM


ECBlend Flavors Margarita E-Liquid Wizard

2/26/2016 Our popular Margarita Wizard gets 40 Flavor Shot selections!  Ideas: Over 40 shots including Classic Lime, Classic Strawberry, Honey & Vanilla, Green Tea, Mixed berries (blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, Mango and Key Lime.  Your Flavor Shots -  Your Choice!   Enjoy. 


The Juciest Watermelon Ever


2/26/2016 The Juiciest Watermelon Ever has been added to our famous CREATE YOUR OWN E-LIQUID WIZARD and FLUFFY SPUN SUGAR as Flavor Shots  (Resellers: Also added to Create Your Own E-Liquid for Resellers on our wholesale system)



ECBlend E-Liquid Brand Packs

2/24/2016 As new technology in e-cigs create devices that use more e-liquid (like Subohm devices!), Customers want bigger bottles, so we are meeting your demands.  

We are restructing parts of our website and products.  

Adding 30ml Frosted Glass, 50ml Frosted Glass and 125ml bottle sizes.


30ml and 50ml Frosted Glass bottles are scheduled to go live in the next 30 days.  Keep an eye out!



02/24/2016 NAME CHANGES 

FEEL LIKE A NUT has been changed to Chocolate Coconut Almond. A delicious and mouthwatering blend of Chocolate, Coconut and Almond :-)

The customer creation GREEN APPLE JR has been changed to Green Apple Rock, and added to our general catalog under Sweets and Desserts


02/03/2016 Dragon Series Updates   

  • All Dragon Series E-Liquids are now available in 5ml through 250ml (8oz) bottle sizes), and 20ml Frosted Glass selection available when ordering.
  • Sweetener option has been added to all Dragon's except Dragon's Roar.  
  • Flavor Shots have been added to most Dragon's.  Visit your favorite Dragon today!  Oh! So Creamy!

  • Bahama Mama is now available in 250mL

01/29/2016 INTRODUCING FlavorTudes® Flavor Shots

TRY ALL 12 FlavorTude Flavors - Now YOU control your FLAVOR SHOTS!  

FlavorTudes Flavor Shots

YOU decide your flavor shots!  12 FlavorTudes® Flavors Shots to choose from!  

Squeeze a little! Not a lot!

You decide your Flavor Shot!  



THIS IS FLAVORING! And.. It's Good! 


Caramel FlavorTudes® - Old Fashioned Caramel - Flavor Shots!   Old Fashioned Caramel Taste! Creamy unique and sweet. Caramel is one of the most popular flavors in the U.S...

Cheesecake  FlavorTudes® - Cheesecake - Flavor Shots!  The sweet and creamy indulgent taste of classic cheesecake.  No-bake, classic Cheesecake Flavor Shots provides a smooth creamy...

Cinnamon Fireball  FlavorTudes® - Cinnamon Fireball - Flavor Shots!  A sweet yet explosive taste of hot cinnamon.  Hot spicy cinnamon like the candy.  Goes well with chocolate, banana,...

Cool Hit  FlavorTudes® - Cool Hit® - Flavor Shots!   The cooling sensation of mint or menthol WITHOUT the minty taste!   This "flavor" shot has no odor or taste and is...

French Vanilla  FlavorTudes® - French Vanilla - Flavor Shots!   ooh la la, it's French Vanilla.  French Vanilla is a richer, deeper and more decadent flavor than is found in plain vanilla...

Fresh Cream  FlavorTudes® - Fresh Cream - Flavor Shots!  Smooth and Creamy Fresh Cream.   Cream goes well with anything you like cream with. Goes well with cupcake, whiskey, Irish Creme,...

Hazelnut  FlavorTudes® - Hazelnut - Flavor Shots!   Rich and delicious nutty flavor of Hazelnuts.    Hazelnut leaves a delicious aftertaste and combines well with many...

Peppermint  FlavorTudes® - Peppermint - Flavor Shots!  Fresh, minty, tingly flavor of Peppermint will invigorate your senses. Cool and Refreshing.   Add Peppermint for that extra kick of refreshing flavor...

Raspberry  FlavorTudes® - Raspberry - Flavor Shots!  Enjoy sweet and delicious wild raspberry flavor with all your liquid favorites. Start enjoying the flavor of fresh picked raspberries today! WITH:...

Strawberry  FlavorTudes® - Strawberry - Flavor Shots!  The sweet and fresh taste of biting into a home grown strawberries. This mouth watering strawberry flavor is refreshing and will remind you of summer time...

Sweetener  FlavorTudes® - Sweetener - Flavor Shots!     You control the amount of sweetener in your liquids! The same great sweetener ingredients as ECBlend's Sweetener. Special formula designed for...

White Peach  FlavorTudes® - White Peach - Flavor Shots!  White Peach is a richly luxurious, beautiful fruit, dripping with juice.  They are one of natures great sensual delights. Take a moment to experience...



Empty Bottles - ECBlend - 20ml Frosted Natural - Glass Round Bottle
$0.75 ECBlend 20ml Frosted Glass BottleEmpty Bottles - ECBlend - 20ml Frosted Natural - Glass Round Bottle
Empty Glass Bottle - ECBlend - 20ml Frosted - Glass Round Bottle    Empty 20ml Frosted Glass Round Bottle with Child-Resistant Cap (CRC) and pipette insert dropper     Click here for more...





New - The Juiciest Watermelon Ever - eLiquid Flavor


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New - PeachBerry in Cream - eLiquid Flavor


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Clearomizer - FreeMax - Starre Sub Ohm Tank at ECBlend E-Liquid Flavors

Clearomizer - FreeMax - Starre Sub Ohm Tank

12/14/2015  The Free Max Starre Sub Ohm Tank is great for all vapers. The coils are capable of using a low of 20W or a high of 100W depending on your preference. The airflow control rings on the Free Max Starre Sub Ohm Tank have a knurled texture for easy adjustments, clicking into place approx every 1/16th inch for even finer adjustments to find that perfect vape. The FreeMax Starre DVC (Dual Vertical Coil) Tank Atomizer is being touted as the first dual vertical coil (DVC) clearomizer in the world. Organic cotton is used on the FreeMax coil for better wicking, functionality, and sanitation. 

For full features and pricing, click the green button below
Clearomizer Replacement Head - SmokTech - Gimlet Replacement Coils at ECBlend Flavors

Clearomizer Replacement Head - SmokTech
Gimlet Replacement Coils - 5 Pack

12/11/2015  The SmokTech Gimlet large sized paralleled dual replacement coils offer better airflow and more vapor than your standard replacement coils. With four battery contacts for better conductivity and minimal voltage drop, the SmokTech Gimlet Replacement Coils maximizes the vaping experience with superior craftsmanship and ingenuity. 

For full features and pricing, click the green button below
Innokin Innocell Battery at ECBlend Flavors

Battery - Innokin - Disrupter Innocell Battery - 2000mah

12/11/2015  The Innokin Disrupter Control Body is the first device to feature their new Innokin Innocell Battery. Capable of handling resistances as low as 0.2oHm, the Innokin Disrupter Control body is the control module and firing component for the Innokin Disrupter & Innokincell Vaping Power System. The Innokin Disrupter Control Body also has a maximum output of 50W and is compatible with a large variety of Sub Ohm tanks available on the market. Additional features include, a full OLED screen with output voltage, output wattage, atomizer resistance, as well as a new and unique slide and lock battery system to make battery swapping easier than ever before.

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Efest 3000mah 35amp 18650 Battery at ECBlend Flavors

Battery - Efest - 18650 - Purple - 3000mAh 
35 Amp High Drain - Flat Top

12/11/2015  Efest's newest flat top 35amp (20amp pulse) 4.2V rechargeable Li-Mn high-drain battery is widely considered the best quality battery on the market today. This battery is compatible with all devices that use the 18650 battery. Efest's flat top 35amp (20amp pulse) 4.2V rechargeable Li-Mn high-drain battery showcases 35A continuous output with a 3000mAh capacity; producing a high amperage draw for a powerful and safe vaping experience.

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ECBlend Black Friday 30pct off all e-liquid

11/25/15 - 12/2/15  BLACK FRIDAY - CYBER MONDAY SALE

Our biggest sale of the year!  30% OFF ALL E-LIQUID for 7 days


Plus FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75

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11/13/15  REDUCED PG has been changed on our labels to now read "MAX VG"


11/05/15  NEW ARRIVALS!  

Innokin Disrupter Control BodyThe Innokin Disrupter body and Innocell batteries have arrived.  

Introducing the newest device from Innokin, as well as the first device to use their new Innokin Innocell Battery, the Innokin Disrupter Control body is the control module and firing component for the Innokin Disrupter & Innocell Vaping Power System.  Capable of handling resistances as low as 0.2 ohm and with a maximum output of 50W will make this device compatible with a large variety of Sub Ohm tanks on the market.  

The Disrupter is available in 3 different color variations and 7 vibrant color selection of the Innocell batteries offers 21 different color combinations for you to mix and match. 

Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Innokin - Disrupter Control Body - 50W

Battery - Innokin - Disrupter Innocell Battery - 2000mah


NEW from Tobeco: The Super Tank and the Super Tank Mini are now available.

The Tobeco Super Tank and the Super Tank Mini both have the ability to be refilled from the top.  

Tobeco Super Tank Mini at ECBlend Flavors

Simply unscrew the aluminum top cap and fill it up.  Replacement heads for both tanks are available with standard Kanthal wire coils, and for the temperature control enthusiasts, they are available with Ni200 (Nickel) and Titanium coils.  

Clearomizer - Tobeco - Super Tank - AuthenticThe best thing about the Super Tank replacement coils are that they are compatible with the Aspire Atlantis clearomizers.  

Clearomizer - Tobeco - Super Tank Mini - Authentic

Clearomizer Replacement Head - Tobeco - Super Tank Coils - 5 Pack

Clearomizer Replacement Head - Tobeco - Ni200 Super Tank Coils - 5 Pack

Clearomizer Replacement Head - Tobeco - Titanium Super Tank Coils - 5 Pack 




Kanger EVOD ProTank replacement coils at ECBlend Flavors

The Kanger EVOD / ProTank Clearomizer replacement heads are now made of Organic Cotton!  All future replacement heads we will carry from Kanger will be made of organic cotton.  Organic cotton provides a more intense flavor and wicks better compared to traditional silica wick.  



Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Innokin - CoolFire IV Express Kit



Battery - Greensound - GS eGo II Twist - 2200mAh  -  With the popularity of the rainbow finish on other products, we now carry the Greensound GS EGO II Twist batteries with the same beautiful rainbow finish.


10/05/15  New Products Added

EZCloud EZDripper

Rebuildable Accessory - EZCloud Company - EZ Dripper - 15mL Capacity

Rebuildable Accessory - ECBlend - Prewound Clapton Coil - 10 Pack


Rebuildable Accessory - Vapowire - Nickel Wire Ni200

Rebuildable Accessory - Youde - Prewound Clapton Wire - 15 feet

Rebuildable Atomizer - Wotofo - Atty3 Cubed RDA

Rebuildable Atomizer - Wotofo - Freakshow RDA - Splatter Edition

Rebuildable Atomizer - Wotofo - Sapor RDA

Rebuildable Atomizer - Wotofo - Troll RDA - Splatter Edition

Clearomizer - SmokTech - TCT Tank - Temperature Control

Clearomizer Replacement Head - Aspire - Atlantis V2 Cotton Coils - 5 Pack

Clearomizer Replacement Head - Kanger - OCC ni200 Coils - 5 Pack

Clearomizer - SmokTech - T-Dux 3.0


9/12/2015: New images, since the pictures below, in the past year, we have opened 4 more stores and have 3 more set to open with 45 days (Click Locations link above for more info)





9/12/2015: Our new Wisconsin Billboard



ECBlend Bianca Sign Waving Robot


9/12/2015 Meet Bianca, Our Sign Twirler for our St Croix Wisconsin store.  



9/4/2015 thru 9/10/2015 WEEK LONG! Labor Day Savings at ECBlend - 25% OFF ALL E-Liquid! Coupon Code: LABOR2015
08/26/2015 Single Pack change to Blister Pack of 5
The Clearomizer Replacement Head - Smoktech - T-Dux has been  changed by the manufacturer to now come in a blister pack of replacement heads
New Items now in stock!
08/24/2015 New Arrival Indulgence Mutation X v4 Rebuildable
The fourth generation in the Mutation X series, featuring a redesigned top cap and includes a wide bore delrin drip tip.  The airflow control holes (18 in total, 9 staggered on each side) have been reshaped into diamonds.  Adjustable airflow control has been added to the bottom of the deck [Read More]
08/10/2015 Product arrival.  The products below are now in stock!
08/06/2015 Product arrival.  The products below are now in stock!
07/24/2015 NEW Products have been added!  

Personal Vaporizers:
IPV2 Mini at ECBlend Flavors


World Tobacco Days 30% OFF All ELiquid05/25/2015 World NO TOBACCO 9 DAYS OF SAVINGS!!  Click to see full flyer and GET 30% OFF CODE!

30% OFF E-Liquid Sale! And up to 60% on selected Hardware Deals!

From May 25th - June 2nd 2015







05/04/2015  New products added 

Authentic Arctic Sub Tank



Clearomizer - Horizon - Arctic Sub Ohm Tank - Bottom Turbine Dual Coils

Clearomizer Replacement Head - Horizon Arctic BTDC - 5 Pack


Clearomizer - Kanger - SUBTANK Plus - Hybrid Tank

Clearomizer Replacement Head - Kanger - SUBTANK Plus OCC Coils - 5 Pack



Accessory - ECBlend - Car Mount for eGo Batteries

Accessory - Efest - 18650 Battery Case - Soft Silicone

Adapter - SmokTech - Revive DCT Drip Tip Adapter


Battery: Battery - Efest - 18350 - Purple - 10.5 Amp High Drain - Flat Top



Rebuildable Accessory - ECBlend - Pure Cellucotton Rayon Fiber

Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Congrevape Doge Clone v2



03/20/2015 We have updated our "No Under 18 Policy"   
Falsifying your age for the purpose of purchasing e-liquid with nicotine may be illegal and carry fines and criminal penalties in your state or country. E-Liquid with Nicotine will be (or already is in some areas) a regulated product and we are serious when it comes to protecting children and teens from nicotine use. By using this site, You hereby certify that you are of legal age to purchase nicotine products in the State and Country which you live and that the information provided herein is factual and complete to the best of your knowledge. You understand that there are significant penalties and fines in some States for minors who attempt to purchase e-liquid. You authorize ECBlend and affiliated websites to confirm the accuracy of the information against a government-issued identification.

ECBlend Gift Cards for Stores

03/25/2015 Gift Cards coming soon to ECBlend Stores.

Rechargeable Gift Cards are coming to all ECBlend Stores.  Give the gift of flavor! 

Store locations and Maps Oregon and Wisconsin

Coming Soon: Eugene and Portland Oregon




ECBlend Flavors 25% OFF All E-Liquid Sale March

03/15/2015 March 25% OFF E-Liquid Sale!

From March 15th - March 21st ALL E-Liquid.  Plus New Hardware on sale!


ECBlend March Sale



3/05/2015:  Our Root Beer recipe has been reformulated. 


ECBlend Clearomizer Mini Nova Aspire

2/27/2015  New Lower Pricing!  Clearomizer - Aspire - Mini Nova  This is a permanent price reduction. Enjoy!


02/07/2015 If you are reading this YOU GET 25% off All e-liquid for our Valentines Special.  Coupon Code: VALENTINES is active 3 days early for readers of this Update Page!  FREE Shipping over $75 and More!  READ ABOUT OUR FEBRUARY SAVINGS HERE!!





ECBlend Flavors ELiquid in 3mg02/06/2015  All ECBlend E-Liquids are now available in 3mg.  Perfect for dripping!

ECBlend ELiquid Flavors in Frosted Glass Bottles02/06/2015 ECBlend E-Liquid in GLASS Bottles - Excellent for dripping!   ECBlend Premium E-Liquid in Glass bottles includes straight glass bulb dropper and child-resistant cap. The droppers are used for dispensing small quantities of E-Liquid.  Perfect for those who prefer dripping compared to using traditional clearomizers or tanks.   

SELECT FROM OUR  Over 400 ECBlend PREMIUM BLEND E-LIQUID in Glass Bottles  or from our All Natural series of E-Liquids  

ECBlend has made yet another improvement to our best-selling line of Premium Blend E-Liquid products.   We now offer our Premium Blend E-Liquid in glass bottles.  Why is glass so great? The major benefit of glass is that it helps to shield e-liquid from potentially damaging light, heat, and moisture.

Another plus to using glass over plastic is that glass is the “greenest” storage option for e-liquids yet. Apart from helping to maximize the flavor of these amazing good e-liquids, the glass bottles are reusable and recyclable. It’s easy to see why most health conscience shoppers prefer glass over any other container.

ECBlend E-Liquid Flavors iStick 20w

02/02/2015  01/10/2015 New Products  Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - iStick 20W Kit   This 2200mAh VV/VW device packs a punch.  It regulates output for consistent vapes from beginning to end.  The OLED display shows the battery life, resistance of the atomizer, and voltage or wattage setting.  


01/10/2015 Prices LOWERED - Priced to move!  Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Innokin - iTaste DRV - Pass through   |   Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Innokin - iTaste MVP 2.0 - Shine Starter Kit   |   Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Innokin - iTaste VTR   |   Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - SmokTech - XPro BT50W   |   Accessory - Efest - 18650 Hard Battery Case   |   Cartomizer - SmokTech - 510 Dual Coil - Mega   |   Drip Tip - ECBlend - 510/901/808 - SS - Long Curved Pipe   |   Drip Tip - ECBlend - 510/901/808 - SS - Pyrex Glass Bead   |   Drip Tip - ECBlend - 510/901/808 - SS - Rainbow - Ming   |   Drip Tip - SmokTech - 510/901/808 - Aluminum   |   Drip Tip - SmokTech - for CE4 - CE5 - Stainless Steel   |

01/10/2015  New Products 

Accessories - Accessory - Kanger - Protank Replacement O-Ring   |   Rebuildable Accessory - ECBlend - Prewound Kanthal Coil - 10 Pack

Batteries - Battery - Aspire - CF Sub Ohm

Clearomizers - Clearomizer - Aspire - Atlantis Kit   |   Clearomizer - Innokin - iClear X.I - Pyrex   |   Clearomizer Replacement Head - Aspire - Atlantis Sub Ohm - 5 Pack   |   Clearomizer Replacement Head - Innokin - iClear X.I - Dual Coil

Rebuildables - Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Doge Clone

New Category Added Customer Creations 2015


12/4/2014  New Products arriving soon - Aspire Atlantis Clearomizers and replacement heads, SmokTech XPro, BT50 Variable Wattage E-Cig, Kanger Subtank, premade coils for RDA's and more.

E-Liquid Under development:  Bear Claw, White Chocolate S'mores, and a new Dragon!


11/12/2014 & 11/3/2014 New Customer Creations added.

Experimenting can be fun!  Check out 20 new mouth-watering recipes created by YOU, our customers!  Heavenly!  Created using our Famous Create Your Own Eliquid Wizard.

ECBlend WTF-Max Disposable 1300 puffs

Apple Cider ELiquid by ECBlend Flavors


10/21/2014 NEW FLAVOR!  Apple Cider - eLiquid Flavor  Spiced Apple Cider.  Apples, apples, and apples! Unmistakable flavor and aroma of sparkling cider, with just a suggestion of booze!


COMING SOON!  1300 Puff ECBlend WTF-MAX Disposable Electronic Cigarette   ECBlend WTF-MAX™ Disposable Electronic Cigarette - 1300 puffs   Equivalent to over 4 packs of traditional cigarettes (at 15 puffs per cigarette). COMPARE!  Save more than 50% over leading disposables...


Kanger EVOD2 Starter Kit by ECBlend


10/17/2014 Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Kanger - EVOD2 Starter Kit   The Kanger EVOD2 Starter kit comes with everything you need to start vaping.  Also makes a great gift for friends and family.   The EVOD2 is an upgrade...

(EVOD2 is Dual Coils)

The Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Kanger - eVod Starter Kit  had it's price lowered.   (EVOD1 is Single Coil)




10/17/2014 NEW ARRIVALS & Coming Soon! - It's a big list!  New E-Cigs, Batteries, Chargers, Clearomizers, Drip Tips, Accessories and more!

Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Innokin - iTaste 134 MX-Zodiac  The 134MX-Z is built in the same durable, eye-catching style as the iTaste 134 and has Zodiac constellations engraved on the inner sleeve.   Silver plated firing pins give...
Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - eGo-C Starter Kit  The eGo-C starter kit  Kit Includes 5 x Tank cartridges 2 x 510 Atomizer Cones 2 x 650mah batteries 1 x USB Wall Adapter 1 x USB Charger 1 x 10ml...

Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - SmokTech - Turbo   Another Smoktech innovation! The Turbo mod is a complete mechanical E-Cigarette, which provides an impressive sleek design...

Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - SmokTech - XPro BT-50WPersonal Vaporizer E-Cig - SmokTech - XPro BT50W  The XPro BT50 is the most intelligent and smartest personal vaporizer so far on the market.  Made of high-end aluminum with an anodized finish, the XPro BT50...
Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Tobeco - Changeling  Clone   Features:  Reverse threaded floating top-pin with adjustable screw for battery adjustments   Thick reverse-threaded and knurled locking ring...
Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Tobeco - Mutant - 26650  Features:   30mm diameter   Adjustable Copper Center Pin   2 Battery Vent holes on tube   Magnetic Firing Button   Recessed...
Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Tobeco - Panzer - 26650 Features:   · Brass Contact Plates  · 4 holes along tube for battery venting  · Reverse threaded locking...
Rebuildable Accessory - 22mm Chuff Enuff RDA Cap  22mm Stainless Steel Chuff Enuff RDA cap made with a 1/2" extra wide bore drip tip built in, with such a large drip tip built in these are the ultimate top...

Rebuildable Accessory - Keychain Screwdriver  Rebuildable Accessory - Keychain Screwdriver      This little tool comes in very handy.  Not just for rebuildables, but whenever a screwdriver is needed.     Each end has a metal cover that...
Rebuildable Accessory - Tobeco - Kayfun Full Clear Kit  This kit upgrades the Kayfun Lite Plus RBA to have an entire clear outer housing
Rebuildable Atomizer - SmokTech - GoldPillar  Large sized paralleled dual coils offer better airflow and more vapor.  Four battery contacts make for better conductivity and an amazing vaping experience...
Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - 26650 Kayfun Lite Plus  The Kayfun Lite has grown up!  The massive tank has a capacity to hold nearly 10ml's of our Peach Watermelon Cantaloupe.  The design allows you...
Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Mutation X  A cloud chasers dream!  Eighteen adjustable airflow holes provide unbelievable clouds of your favorite ECBlend Dragon's Series...
Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Orchid V4  The Orchid is a Kayfun style rebuildable tank atomizer (aka RBA).  The build deck is very similar to the Kayfun, instead of a 2 post configuration it has 4 (dedicated...

Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Tobh - 26650  Features:   3 posts Solid copper bottom contact 28.5 mm in diameter Deep juice well Adjustable Airflow Post holes are .05″ (fifty thousandths) to...


 Efest - 26650 Battery Case   Keep your batteries safe and secure

HolocronLabs - Short Stop - Battery Safety Fuse  ShortStop is a revolutionary new product that helps protect you against shorts

USB Wall Adapter - EU plug   Accessory - USB Wall Adapter - EU plug   


 Battery - Efest - 18650 - Purple - 35 Amp High Drain - Flat Top   

 Battery - Efest - 26650 - Purple - 32 Amp High Drain - Flat Top   

 Battery - eGo - 1100mah - Camouflage     |     Battery - eGo - 1300mah          

 Battery - Smoktech - Aro Winder VV/VW - 2000mah  The ARO VV/VW battery is the next step in the evolution of the eGo battery.  

Battery - Aspire - CF Battery VV - 1600mah   Battery - Aspire - CF Battery VV - 1600mah   The Aspire CF variable voltage battery  


Charger - Efest - LUC S2 Charger   Feature packed Efest LUC S2 Universal Dual Bay Intelligent Battery Charger.  

Charger - Nitecore - D2 Digicharger - Battery Charger   Universal smart charger 


Clearomizer - Aspire - Mini E-Pen   One of the newest designs out from Aspire. 

Clearomizer - Aspire - Mini Nautilus BVC Kit   The MINI Nautilus is the next generation of tank systems. 
Clearomizer - SmokTech - Gimlet Giant   Three different sized airflow adjustment holes will...
Clearomizer Replacement Head - Aspire - CE5-S BVC - Blister Pack  
Clearomizer Replacement Head - Aspire - Nautilus BVC - Blister Pack
Clearomizer Replacement Head - Kanger - V2 - Protank3/Aerotank/EVOD2
Clearomizer Replacement Head - SmokTech - Gimlet Replcmnt Coils
Drip Tip - ECBlend - Adjustable Knucklehead - Stainless Steel
Drip Tip - ECBlend - Luna Clone
Drip Tip - ECBlend - Shredded Clone
Drip Tip - ECBlend - Wide Bore - Air Flow Control
Hardware Accessory - Wooden Display   18 small holes for eGo style batteries   4 medium size holes for tanks or RBA's (has a spot for your 510 connection)   4 Large holes for 26650..
Tank - SmokTech - Revive DCT Tank  The Smoktech Revive bottom Dual Coil Tank (DCT) improves on the Smoktech's previous dual coil cartomizer tanks.  A redesigned core now includes 4 larger wicking holes to
Tank Replacement Cartomizer - SmokTech - Revive DCT  The Smoktech Revive bottom Dual Coil Tank (DCT) improves on the Smoktech's previous dual coil cartomizer tanks.  A redesigned core now includes 4...


Kanger AeroTank Version 2 BDC Clearomizer at ECBlend Flavors9/16/2014 Now accepting American Express


8/22/14 New Arrivals Clearomizer - SmokTech - T-Dux 4.0,     Clearomizer Replacement Head - Smoktech - T-Dux,     Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - SmokTech - Fury S,     Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Plume Veil,     Rebuildable Atomizer - SmokTech - XPure RDA (Avail 8/27)


8/4/14 New Price!  $29.95 Clearomizer - Kanger - AeroTank V2 - Pyrex   Kanger AeroTank VERSION 2 Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer (empty)  - Made from PYREX.  This tank will not crack from e-liquids!


7/23/14 New!   Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Sigelei - Sigelei 30 Watt    The Sigelei 30W is a variable voltage (3.0 - 8.5V) and variable wattage (7 to 30 watts in 0.1 increments) personal vaporizer. The Sigelei 30W can handle devices with a resistance range between 0.5 and 3.0 ohms. 


7/19/14 Peach Watermelon Cantaloupe, Banana Nut Bread, Red Apple, Kiwi, Fuji Apple, Margarita, Mojito, and Molasses Recipes have been added to our Famous  Create Your Own E-Liquid Wizard by ECBlend!  By popular request, now you can add ECBlend's POPULAR 'Peach Watermelon Cantaloupe' recipe with 3 other flavors. 



Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Innokin - iTaste MVP 2.0 - Shine at ECBlend

7/19/14 Cinnamon "Red Hots" name has been corrected to Cinnamon "Fireball" in our Famous  Create Your Own E-Liquid Wizard by ECBlend! - It was never named Red Hots, this was an error in the list.  It is the same Cinnamon Fireball Recipe as listed in our catalog.

Clearomizer - Kanger - AeroTank V2 - Pyrex

7/17/14: Now in stock Clearomizer - Kanger - AeroTank V2 - Pyrex     Kanger AeroTank VERSION 2 Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer (empty)  - Made from PYREX

English Toffee Tobacco - eLiquid Flavor The recipe has been reformulated. A rich English Toffee with a tobacco flavor that has subtle notes of caramel and vanilla.


7/14/14: Five Customer Creations have been approved and added:  Beach BerryBerry-ana CreamCool PWC NectarMO P.W. CantaloNutty Vanilla Honey   

7/8/14 Now in stock Rebuildable Atomizer - Innokin - Vapor Forge RDA  A revolutionary new design by Innokin for their first RDA   Full Stainless Steel Construction   Adjustable Airflow

7/8/14 Arrived: Accessory - Kanger - Airflow Control Valve v2Clearomizer Replacement Tank - Kanger - for Aerotank - Stainless SteelClearomizer - Innokin - iClear16BDC - Dual CoilClearomizer Replacement Head - Innokin - iClearB BDCRebuildable Accessory - Ekowool - Silica Wick-Hollow CoreRebuildable Accessory - Ekowool - Silica Wick-Cotton CoreClearomizer Replacement Tank - Aspire - for Nautilus now available


ECBlend ELiquid 4th of July Sale

7/4/14 through 7/6/14 Let's Celebrate!

ECBlend E-Liquid Flavors Fuji Apple6/20/2014 NEW FLAVOR! Fuji Apple - eLiquid Flavor  Fuji Apple is super sweet and juicy!  If you like Fuji Apples, you must give this one a try!  This e-liquid is Spot On!






6/20/2014 Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Innokin - iTaste MVP 2.0 - Shine Starter Kit  now available in Black with Skull design


6/20/2014 New Customer Creations added:  Arizona SunsetCarmapplepecanCold Irish MintColorado BulldogDude Vape, PBN SammyRachel & Mom's Fruit MixRazzle Bomb, RumRumbleVito's Fall

6/20/2014 (Resellers) Sour Green Apple, Fuji Apple, and Shirley Temple now available in Brand Packs for resellers.  Wholesale Base Mix Wizard now available on reseller only site.

ECBlend is hitting the beach!ANNOUNCEMENT:  June 6th, 7th, 8th

What - World Vapor Expo 
When - June 6th, 7th, 8th 
Where- Miami Convention Center, Booth #60, the "coolest" booth in town

World Vapor Expo is a world-wide combination B2B & B2C electronic cigarette conference in Miami, FL set for June 6th, 7th & 8th.


5/27/2014:  Thin Mint Cookies renamed to Slim Mint Cookies -  ECBlend tries to ensure it's products do not violate copyrights.   ECBlend named this product in July 2011.  GSA registered the trademark in August 2011.  We were unaware the name Thin Mints was an actual title in-use at the time as opposed to being  generic description.   Although we have not been contacted by GSA, we have renamed our Thin Mint Cookies to Slim Mint Cookies. [August 9, 2011  (REGISTRANT) Girl Scouts of the United States of America CORPORATION NEW YORK 420 Fifth Avenue New York NEW YORK 100182798]  ECBlend Naming Conventions:  On May 27th, a news article regarding Thin Mint Cookies and E-Liquid came out with a statement from GSA implying e-cigarette companies are targetting youths.  This is a false implication.   ECBlend names its products to identify the taste of the blend.  These naming conventions are designed to inform consenting-adults on the flavor of the blends they are purchasing.  There is no intent to target, market to or entice children with these names.   If you have any reason to believe one of our names or images are infringing on another's rights, please send an email to Legal (-at symbol-) ECBlend (dot) com.  We will investigate it immediately and if found to be infringing, we will rename it promptly.  Thank you for reading and happy vaping!  


(Resellers update: 5/21/2014:  E-Cigarette Hardware Starter Packs have been added for distributors or first time buyers. Login to the wholesale site)


(Resellers update: 5/20/2014: A new poster in our It's All About Choice™ - new Dodo Series is available:  Login to the wholesale website to order.  (Click here to view it) -  A new Category - Retail Displays has been added to the menu - Login to the wholesale website to view the new category.  We will be adding an extensive line of Retail displays for e-cigarettes and e-liquids over the next month.  Tamper Evident packaging has been added to 30mL resale bottles to meet that expected FDA requirement.)

ECBlend E-Cig Display

5/20/2014: We have included some displays we thought would be nice for homes or offices:

ECBlend Drip Tip DisplayDisplay - ECBlend - Acrylic Drip Tip Display - Style B   

Display - ECBlend - Acrylic E-Cig Display - Style C     

Display - ECBlend - Acrylic Display - Style A

Display - ECBlend - Acrylic E-Cig Display - Style D

5/16/2014: Price REDUCED:  Battery - Efest - 3.7v Rechargeable IMR-LiMn Batteries   Price reduced 

5/16/2014:  Arriving between 5/20 and 5/23:  Products are available for pre-orders: We will ship around 5/23-25:

Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Tobeco - Origin - Mechanical PV

Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Tobeco - Nemesis - Mechanical PV 

Accessory - Tobeco - Small Belt Case 

Accessory - Tobeco - Large Belt Case

Drip Tip - SmokTech - 510/901/808 - Mega Pyrex

Rebuildable Atomizer - SmokTech - Caterpillar RDA

Rebuildable Accessory - Tobeco - ohm Meter

Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Aqua RBA

Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Ithaka

Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Trident V2

Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Steam Turbine

Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Kraken

Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Kayfun Lite V2

Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Rocket Kayfun V3.1

Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Prometheus

Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Squape

Rebuildable Accessory - Tobeco - Steam Turbine - Replacement Tube - Pyrex

Rebuildable Accessory - Tobeco - Kayfun - Colored Tank Tube - PC

Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Tobh

Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - Taifun GS

Rebuildable Atomizer - Tobeco - 3D RDA

Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Sigelei - Sigelei 20 Watt

5/15/2014: Newly Arrived:  Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Innokin - iTaste DRV - Pass through

Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Innokin - iTaste MVP 2.0 - Shine Edition

Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Innokin - iTaste MVP 2.0 - Shine Starter Kit

Accessory - Innokin - Cool Fire 1 - 18650 Extension Tube

Rebuildable Atomizer - Youde - IGO W6

Rebuildable Atomizer - Youde - AGT Titanium

Rebuildable Atomizer - Youde - AGA-T3 - Stainless Steel

Rebuildable Accessory - ECBlend - 316 Stainless Steel Mesh (see various sizes)  

Rebuildable Accessory - Vapowire - Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire


5/15/2014 Coming Soon:  These are incoming from suppiers and should be appearing on the website shortly (as soon as they arrive)

New Vendors Tobeco, Youde and Vapowire.  Authentic products arriving from Tobeco, Vapowire, SmokTech, Innokin, Kanger, Aspire and more.

New Personal Vaporizers (E-Cigs):  Tobeco Nemesis Mechanical PV, and more

More Rebuildables for Advanced Users - Rebuildable Atomizers by Tobeco (Taifun, Tobh, Squape, 3D RDA, Steam Turbine, Kraken, Kayfun, Trident, Origin, Aqua, Ithaka, & more from SmokTech, Mesh, Colored Tubes, Kanthol Wire by Vapowire, and more

Accessories: Belt Cases by Tobeco,  Ohm Meters

Drip Tips: Mea Pyrex

Holders/Displays to hold your E-Cigs (Resellers: New Category is coming: Displays)

New Colors Green and Purple incoming for Pyrex Aro Clearomizers

Look for these and more to appear shortly.  We will update this page as they are released.


5/15/2014: Customer Creation E-Liquid Recipes added:  Blue Grass Boss    Caramel Apple Rum     Dreamy Delight     Shirley Lush     Green Apple J R     Summer Sno-Cone     Pipe Dreams     Minty Tea     

4/28/2014: New Arrivals:

Batteries: Battery - eGo 510 - Laser Etched Design - 650 mAh

Battery - eGo 510 - Embossed Design - 650 mAh

Drip Tips: Drip Tip - ECBlend - 510/901/808 - SS - Rainbow - Standard

Drip Tip - ECBlend - 510/901/808 - SS - Rainbow - Ming

Drip Tip - ECBlend - 510/901/808 - All Stainless Steel - Ming

Drip Tip - ECBlend - 510/901/808 - SS - Long Curved Pipe


4/28/2014 New Colors Vase Shaped Drip Tips: Dark BlueGrayPink

4/23/2014: FLAVOR CHANGE NOTE:  Tobacco Blend E-Liquid:  We have had reports of this flavor having a different taste.   This is normal as the taste of the raw tobacco it is extracted from changes with each crop.  There will be differences in the flavor during various seasons and batches due to the nature of the plant.  

4/22/2014: By Popular Request, Bavarian Cream added with "sauce" Flavor Shots - Bavarian Cream is a creamy rich sweet dessert flavored with liquer, vanilla and blended with whipped cream.  Mouth watering!   Bavarian Cream goes well with most fruits.  (Available to your local retailer as Bavarian Cream, Chocolate Bavarian Cream, Peach Bavarian Cream, Raspberry Bavarian Cream, Apricot Bavarian Cream, Lime Bavarian Cream, Orange Bavarian Cream, and Banana Bavarian Cream.)



4/21/2014: New Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Innokin - CoolFire I  Sold out, we have more coming in. These sold out within 3 days of receiving them.

4/19/2014:  (Resellers: ELiquid Sold Here and Dragon Series Window Decals have been redesigned.   SmokTech 808 Winders added to reseller site.)


4/16/2014:  In Stock - New Arrivals: 

Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - SmokTech - Magneto - The Smoktech Magneto!  This PV is completely mechanical, machined from stainless steel.  

Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - SmokTech - The Natural - The Smoktech Natural!  This PV is completely mechanical.  Machined from stainless steel

Clearomizer - SmokTech - Glossy RBC - The Smoktech RBC is a bottom coil clearomizer modeled after the Redux clearomizer.  The RBC uses a replaceable bottom coil to reduce wicking issues.  Polished to perfection with a beautiful gloss finish.      

Clearomizer - SmokTech - FBC - Pyrex - The Smoktech FBC Clearomizers have the same great performance and look of the Aro Tank, but with a screw-on pen cap.  Discretely put it in a shirt pocket and no one will suspect it's an e-cig! 


4/12/2014:  In Stock: Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Sigelei - Sigelei 20 Watt  With the Sigelei 20W, changing settings has never been easier.  This device uses a gravity sensor system that allows you to change the settings by tilting the device.   

4/10/2014:  New Arrivals in our Parts Department

Tank Replacement Cartomizer at ECBlend - SmokTech DCT Pro Coil(Resellers, login to, select Parts Dept on that website for update links there)

New Clearomizer - SmokTech - Aro Tank v2 - 510 - Pyrex

New Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - SmokTech - Kear Starter Kit

New Tank Replacement Cartomizer - SmokTech - DCT Pro Coil

New Accessory - eGo Branded - PV/E-Cig Case

New Accessory - Innokin - U-Can E-Liquid Dispenser

New Accessory - Efest - Battery Case

New Accessory - eGo Leather Battery Lanyard

New Battery - KR808 Manual Pen-Style


New Rainbow color option added:  Clearomizer - Aspire - CE5-S BDC - Metal Body


New Colors added: Light Blue and Light Green Accessory - ECBlend - eGo Battery Lanyard

Personal Vaporizer E-Cig Innokin Coolfire I at ECBlend E-Liquid

New Stainless Steel Magnet Bolt added: Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - SmokTech - Magnet Bolt


New Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Innokin - CoolFire I 


3/29/2014 Honeysuckle Nectar : Recipe reformulated to increase flavoring. (As requested in reviews). 


Aspire Nautilus BDC Clearomizer at ECBlend3/28/2014 New Article in our Knowledgebase:  What's In a Name? More on Ingredients: Nicotine, PG and VG


3/24/204 Aspire Nautilus Tank, bottom dual coil HUGE 5mL capacityPYREX glass tube, with adjustable air-flow control.  Shipping April 7th.


3/24/2014 Shipping April 7thRainbow Finish Aspire CE5 to match the Rainbow Spinner batteries already in. 

SmokTech Natural Personal Vaporizer (E-Cigarette) at ECBlend


3/24/2014 Coming Soon from SmokTech Mechanical Personal Vaporiers (E-Cigs!)  No electrical parts, no circuit boards, no cut-off limitation, no amp restrictions!  These are ordered in various designs.  As they are hand-made, delivery will be in approx 4-6 weeks.  (We will update this page and our facebook when they arrive.)


Garden Gnome Drip Tip at ECBlend

3/24/2014 Gnome Drip Tips have arrived and are now in stock!



Update 3/24/2014   DISCONTINUED -  We have identified the issue as a batch of All Natural Lemon Flavoring. The flavoring has been rejected and returned to the manufacturer.  Until we get a replacement shipment and clear it for production, the AN&O Lemon will remain discontinued.    Returns will be accepted for this product.  Credit will be issued along with the shipping costs. Please submit a Help Desk ticket for an RMA.   Helpdesk>

This applies to the ALL NATURAL LEMON CAKE BATTER and not the PG version. 


03/17/2014 DISCONTINUED - All Natural (AN&O) English Toffee and AN&O Chocolate Covered Toffee.  The Toffee flavoring from the vendor has been discontinued by our Recipe Manager as not meeting our testing standards.  The Recipe Dept is working on re-formulating these recipes. 


03/14/2014 ECBlend begins discussions and systems implementation for an AGE VERIFICATION process in co-ordination with the US Post Office (USPS) for it's online Retail Consumer Sales. [READ More > Age Verification and You Must be over 18 READ ME]


ECBlend Flavors Tropical Punch ELiquid

03/07/2014 Tropical Punch has been reformulated due to too many bad reviews.  There were reports of an odd/chemical taste when Double Extra Flavor was selected.  The new formulation improves the overall taste of the Tropical Punch at regular, extra flavor, and double extra flavor; and eliminates the chemical taste.  

3/1/2014 Product Updates, Changes, and Additions

New!  Red Box Premium - Red Box with more tobacco richness and less analog after-taste.

New! (Coming end of March) Aspire Clearomizer Nautilus Kit and Replacement Heads 

Innokin iClear 30s Clearomizer changed ohm from 1.5 to 2.1 

Battery-eGo 510 Fancy Marble Swirl - add 4 new swirl colors

510 Alum Drip Tips - Added 3 more colors to choose from

Added 8 new customer creations under Customer Creations 2014


2/28/2014:  Charger and Battery Safety REMINDER 

An incident occurred in our Medford community this morning where an E-Cig user left a battery charging unattended. 

ECBlend Batteries and Chargers

We want to take this opportunity to remind customers that batteries must be charged and handled responsibly to avoid damage and possible harm.

As a REMINDER and to provide you with as much information about batter and charger safety, we have created Charger and Battery Safety and Precautions article with helpful information from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), NREL is a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy.

We have also taken extra steps to ensure all customers are aware of this issue.

ONLINE NOTICES:  We have added a link from all Battery and Charger products to that article.

INTERNET ORDERS:  All internet orders with batteries and chargers will include a Warning Notice with the bullet points below.

IN STORE NOTICES:  We will post the article as posters throughout all of our stores and include a Warning Notice with all purchases of batteries or chargers.


2/12/2014:  French Vanilla reformulated.  One of the ingredients used to create our French Vanilla has been discontinued.  Our recipe department has re-formulated this recipe.  It is close but it is not the same.  We are awaiting another ingredient that will bring it closer in taste to the original, but that will be in testing for at least 60 days. 


1/28/2014:  NEW Hardware and Accessories in our PARTS Department 

iTaste Carrying Case at ECBlendAccessory - Innokin - iTaste Carrying Case

Clearomizer - Innokin - iClear BDC

Clearomizer Replacement Head - Innokin - iClear BDC

Clearomizer - Innokin - iClear16 - Single Coil

Personal Vaporizer E-Cig - Innokin - Express Starter Kit


Kanger ProTank II at ECBlend



Clearomizer - Kanger - MINI Protank II - Pyrex

Battery - Kanger - EVOD Twist - VV 1000mah

Charger - KR808D-1 USB Battery Charger - 420mah



Coming Soon!  Drip Tip - ECBlend - 510/901/808 - Garden Gnome



1/26/2014: Customer Creation Cigarro Vigorosso (Strong Cigar) added. "For cigar lovers, a fuller bodied blend. Spicy yet smooth with notes of espresso & coco. Enjoy!"  


1/16/2014 Black Magic Tobacco E-Liquid has been added to BULK purchasing for retailers on our wholesale system.


1/6/2014 Added Black Gold - 

BlackGold ELiquid by ECBlend

Sweet Black Cigar/Pipe tobacco flavor (main flavor) with a blend of whipped vanilla (light flavor).


1/6/2014 Added Sweet Potato Casserole 

Sweet Potato Casserole by ECBlend Flavors

The deliciously yummy flavor of Sweet Potato is unmistakeable in ECBlend's 

Sweet Potato Casserole.  

1/6/2014:  Innokin iTaste VV/VW Chameleon color added


1/6/2014:  Eggnog flavorshot Apricot Brandy removed.  The recipe is too complex.  We will re-add it as a ready-made in the future.

1/6/2014: New Customer Creations added to the Dec 2013 Customer Creation Category Wonderous WakeUp, N7115, Gold 7 Tobacco, Cold Blue Margarita, Razzy Rum Truffle, Pina-Kuky-Pear, Bluegirl Cake, Tracy's Cupcake, Snow Russian, Masonator, Blueberry Torte, Lav Bellini, Caramel Apple, Limeapple Blues, Just Try It!, Sweet Putootie

1/4/2014 New Hardware and Parts added to both Retail and Wholesale

VISIT our PARTS DEPARTMENT  Speckled Aluminum Drip Tips, Kanger Replacement Tubes, Swirled Marble Vase Drip Tips, Ce4/5 Adapters, Battery Charges, Batteries, Aspire Clearomizers, Battery Display Bases, Leather Lanyards, Marble Finish Batteries, Stainless Drip Tips, Speckled Ming Drip Tips, eGo 900mah Batteries, eGo Spinner 1300mah Batteries, SmokTech CE5 Clearomizer Redux,  eVod Starter Kits, Clearomizer replacement parts  VISIT our PARTS DEPARTMENT


1/6/2014 iTaste 134 is now on SALE!


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