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 Taste Buds and Vapers Tongue



ECBlend Flavors - Your taste buds and the dreaded Vaper's Tongue


Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned vaper, there will be a moment when you have your favorite flavor loaded in your personal vaporizer, and you take a nice puff and taste... nothing. You take another, and again, there's plenty of vapor, but you just can't taste it.

You are experiencing the dreaded Vaper’s Tongue.

First off, don’t panic. Vaper’s Tongue is not a medical issue. Yes, your taste buds have decided to pack up and go on vacation, but it's not a permanent condition. You’ve just overworked them, and they need a little tender care to get back into shape.

Are you still smoking cigarettes on the side?

People who have recently switched from smoking to vaping are prime candidates for vaper's tongue because smoking cigarettes ruins your sense of taste. Just ask any smoker.

Once you stop cigarettes, it’s not an instant fix. Your taste buds must become reacquainted with normal taste again, so new sensations can overload your sense of taste, and your brain elects to close up shop to let your taste buds regroup. As you adjust to life as a non-smoker, this shutdown is likely to happen several times and may last from a few hours to a couple days.

Gradually, your taste buds should fire up again, and flavor will return on its own.

  ECBlend Flavors - Are you still smoking?
ECBlend Flavors - Are you hydrated?


Do you leave your water bottle in the cupboard?

Vaping will dehydrate you. The vapor made by E-Liquid actually absorbs the moisture in the surrounding air. Your mouth contains a lot of moisture, which vapor will suck up like a sponge.

The result of this a dry mouth, and a thin film might form on your tongue. The film acts as a barrier, isolating your tongue and taste buds from the vapor.

When this happens, there’s an incredibly easy fix: Drink water while you vape.

If you find there is quite a bit of film built up on your tongue, you can brush your tongue when you brush your teeth to keep it clean. Never brushed your tongue? Your dentist will explain why this is good oral hygiene.

Do you have an all-day vape that you won’t give up?

Are you chasing clouds all day on one favorite flavor? This could also be the source of your missing taste.

Constant exposure to the same flavor can desensitize your taste buds because your brain treats that flavor like the taste equivalent of white noise. Your brain tunes it out like it tunes out the drone of other diners in a noisy restaurant.

The fix: Experiment with other flavors.

Even if you stick to what you know, try to find two or three flavors that are different enough that you can switch up what you’re vaping when your tongue is tasting like it should.

  ECBlend Flavors - Do you have an all-day vape?
ECBlend Flavors - Have a cold?


Are you feeling under the weather?

Most people know that when you’re sick, your taste buds don’t work like they normally do. So, if you have a cold or the flu, chances are your sinuses are good and stuffed up, making breathing through your nose a Herculean feat.

The sense of smell is integrated into the sense of taste. When you are unable to smell effectively, it means your sense of taste is equally dulled.

Since there is still no cure for the common cold, your best bet to beat this one is to rest up and let nature take its course.

Do you take daily medications?

A wide variety of medications can negatively affect your sense of taste. If you check their warnings, it’s one of the main side effects. Some medical treatments, like radiation therapy, can affect your sense of smell and taste because they can damage your salivary glands and also cause dry mouth. Saliva is essential to the ability to taste because it mixes with the food in your mouth and stimulates your taste buds.

If you take a daily medicine, have changes in your medication or are beginning treatments, check the included warnings to see if changes in smell or taste are a side effect. If you still aren’t sure, ask your doctor.

  ECBlend Flavors - Are you taking medication?
ECBlend Flavors - Have you changed your routine?


Your routine hasn’t changed at all?

There are unexplained times when your taste buds leave you with no excuse at all. These are the times that are most frustrating because nothing is wrong as far as you can tell; your normal flavors just aren't doing it for you.

Some vapers have said that they regain their ability to taste E-Liquid after switching to a particularly strong flavor, like cinnamon or menthol. Sometimes, not even the fieriest cinnamon will scare your taste buds straight, and it is only a matter of time before your taste buds return to normal.

In these cases, why not break out one of your least-favorite E-Liquids, because you can't taste anything anyway. Maybe your compromised sense of taste will help that juice taste delicious, and you can save the best stuff for when you can appreciate it.


Ready for a crowd-sourced solution?

These solutions have come from around the internet, our customers and our staff. They are based on anecdote and personal experience, so they may not work for everyone, but they may work for you.

In no particular order, if you are fighting the dreaded Vaper’s Tongue, try these:

  • Use a different flavor
  • Try a mint
  • Try a stronger flavor
  • Suck on a lemon
  • Sniff coffee beans or drink black coffee
  • Brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper
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