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“I have been searching for this! I have been waiting to find this blend! This is hands down the best

Watermelon ever! The watermelon just bursts into your mouth and it is mouthwatering! Thank you

ECBlend! This truly is The Juiciest Watermelon Ever!”

“The Peach & Strawberry inhale is to die for a long with an amazing creamy exhale. This is a

premium flavor for sure. I tip my hat to whom ever created this flavor well done.”

“This is hands down the best coconut banana cream pie EVER! I’ve tried other juices and they don’t

even compare. It’s just like my favorite pie, without the calories!!”

“I have tried most of the Dragon series and this is probably my favorite. It is just the right amount of

creamy and sweetness so that it gives off a really good flavor without being too sweet or too creamy.

The peaches and pear gives the juice just enough extra flavor without being overbearing.”

“Love this stuff! Espresso inhale, creamy vanilla-ish exhale. Will be ordering again.”

Taste bud tingling juiciness!

Best Flavor So Far!

Absolute heaven

On my all-day-vape list

Definately a re-order

Product: The Juiciest Watermelon Ever - eLiquid Flavor

Posted By: S

Product: PeachBerry in Cream - eLiquid Flavor

Posted By: N/A

Product: Coconut Banana Cream Pie - eLiquid Flavor

Posted By: S

Product: Dragon’s Delight - eLiquid Flavor

Posted By: MM

Product: Dragon’s Cafe - eLiquid Flavor

Posted By: M

“I can’t say enough good things about this ejuice. It tastes like a real cucumber and is very cool and

refreshing. I’ve wanted a flavor like this for a long time and this is everything I wanted. I mixed mine

with key lime and got it 60/40 12nic with cool hit. I’d recommend mixing it with something a little milder

as I eventually found the key lime to overpower the cucumber , but next time I get this juice I plan on

not mixing it at all because the cucumber flavor is so good by itself.”

“STRONGEST flavor hands DOWN, every hit is new, never get vape tongue again with this...

WARNING not for the weak, i got everything MAX.

Double Extra Flavor, Nic Strength: 6 mg (no choice) - Light, Base Mix: 50% PG / 50% VG, Menthol or

Cool Hit: Extra Menthol 1.5x (Strong), Add Sweetener: Add Double Sweetener (Very Sweet), Flavor


IT BURNS MY SOUL... in a hellish yet satisfying way.. can’t vape above 80 with this monster juice..

GREAT job guys.. hopefully you can make one 0 nic... End Result.. 5 Star, more than what i expected

& shipped FAST.. deff recommended for OG Vaperz!”

“I ordered this the exact same way I take my coffee, strong with just a little sugar, no flavor shots.

Now I have this awesome coffee aftertaste going just like I had drank a cup right out of the pot. I will

definitely be ordering this again!.”

“I love this flavor, definitely an ADV for me. The flavor is light as some have mentioned, but I like that.

If you like your flavors strong, maybe try the XF. I’m a fan of it as is. The second I tried my sample, I

knew I was gonna need a bigger bottle!”

“This is by far the best flavor I’ve tried so far. Steeping is a big help but I think it tastes great either




Just like a morning cup of Joe!

Bought a small bottle and immediately ordered a large one!

My new favorite

Product: Cucumber - eLiquid Flavor

Posted By: RY

Product: Cinnamon Fireball - eLiquid Flavor

Posted By: U1

Product: Coffee Your Way - eLiquid Flavor

Posted By: WC

Product: Dragon’s Blood - eLiquid Flavor

Posted By: J

Product: Dragon’s Frozen Tear - eLiquid Flavor

Posted By: RR